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AndysolAM is one of the most unique Rust servers in existence. With incredible plugins and a friendly staff team, make sure to join us and get in on the action .

PLEASE NOTE: In order to make a purchase on our store, you must be over the age of 18, or have permission to make a purchase from your parent or guardian. AndysolAM shall not be liable for purchases made by a minor. All prices exclude VAT (or any relevant sales taxes you may be charged). If where you are purchasing from is subject to VAT (or any sales taxes), you will be informed and the appropriate tax rate(s) will be applied at checkout.

NEXUS ONLINE SERVICES LLP is a registered company in England & Wales trading under "AndysolAM" and "AndysolAM Servers". If in need of support, please contact us via. e-mail at support@andysolam.com or join our Discord and create a support ticket to chat with one of our staff members.